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The world has changed.

Digital transformation, the growth of social media and mobile apps have had a huge impact. 301 Design has helped businesses thrive. Our core skills remain as valuable as ever. Clear strategy, creative thinking, digital design and skilful publishing have enabled our clients to lead their fields, grow their market share and achieve their aims. Can we do the same for your business?

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10 ways we can help your brand thrive in challenging times

1. Generate thoughtful, original content

The Institution of Civil Engineers take the lead in showing how resilient and sustainable infrastructure is key to a healthy and content population. We have created six exhibitions for the ICE in recent years, including ICE 200, which celebrated their bicentenary at their headquarters in Westminster, London.

Do you have a story that you want to tell the world? Call or email us today.

ICE 200
Website design

2. Launch a new, engaging website

As Italy reopens for business, we have recently generated a new website for one of the finest golf and spa resorts in Italy. Royal Golf La Bagnaia is near Siena and has started to reopen. Our web and golf experience has provided new energy and encouragement to the golfers and to the business.

Does your website need a fresh new look? Speak to our website design team to see how we can help.

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3. Tell the story of innovation

Writing, designing and publishing the biography of one of the world’s truly innovative designers was a story of re-invention, creative thinking and courage. It was a joy to write and a pleasure for it to be so well received.

301 is standing by to tell the world your story. Are you ready to share it with us? Contact us by email or call 020 7060 6301.

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UI Design and campaign

4. Develop impressive mobile apps

LCP is a firm of financial, actuarial and business consultants who work with a third of FTSE 100 companies. 301 has developed their digital branding, digital campaigns, videos, apps and microsites over a three-year period to increase the firm’s profile.

Are your digital communications working for you? Make sure your message is getting through with a digital refresh from 301.

LCP Visualise
Strategic brand review

5. Focus on the needs of the consumer

The consumer benefits of long lifespan and next-day delivery were encapsulated in the new brand, TIME, conceived by 301 Design to provide a distinctive, coherent and consistent identity for the UK-based electrical cable and LED lighting business.

Is now the TIME for your brand to move to the next stage in its evolution? Let’s talk. Call us on 020 7060 6301.

TIME LED Lighting
Professional education publishing

6. Publish best-in-sector distance learning

Johnson & Johnson is a highly respected multinational. 301 have provided design consultancy and print management to six J&J companies for over 15 years and were awarded the status of ‘preferred worldwide supplier’. One commission is the creation of a complete library of five multilingual training volumes, each featuring over 300 illustrations.

Get the most out of your distance learning opportunities with expert publishing from 301.

Worldwide publishing
Website design for launch

7. Show the value of creative design

Obscure artistry meets luxury lifestyle… the Paris-based fashion house Noir Basic commissioned 301 to promote its cult brand via the web and build an innovative e-commerce site. A distinctive design was conceived with layered typography and intuitive user interface design to support the stunning fashion portfolio.

Are you planning a brand launch in the not-too-distant future? We can help you stand out from the crowd.

Noir Basic
Brand review

8. Improve your ecommerce

Carefully-crafted product literature and an easy-to-use, responsive Magento ecommerce website were the key elements of a fresh approach to marketing the successful brand, AEON in 34 countries across the world.

Sleek imagery meets innovation and panache. Speak to our design team to start your own journey of design discovery. Contact us today by email or phone.

AEON Heating
Brand management

9. Optimise brand management

301 has managed the B2 brand journey through four distinct stages: from initial launch through to becoming established in the world of civil engineering, enjoying significant commercial success and evolving into the future.

Contact the 301 team to discuss the management of your brand. Call 020 7060 6301 or email us.

The B2 Brand
Exhibition Design

10. Inspire the younger generation

The world needs great civil engineers, scientists and doctors. An information-rich exhibition encourages students to become the future leaders in their field.

Can 301 help you make an impact on the world around you? Call us on 020 7060 6301 or email us to get the conversation started.

ICE Water Exhibition

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