How do you build a tunnel beneath The Channel, through a mountain range, or under a busy city? The mysterious world of tunnels was uncovered by 301 at an exhibition at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Following on from the hugely popular Bridge Engineering exhibition, Tunnel Engineering traced the journey from Brunel’s Thames Tunnel of 1843 through to some of the world’s biggest current construction projects such as Crossrail and Tideway.

With a combination of engaging graphic displays, diagrammatic illustrations, infographics, videos and interactive screens, visitors were transported deep underground to discover how engineers create, solve, design and innovate to shape a better world.

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Underground engineering

The ICE commissioned 301 Design to create an exhibition to explore how engineers have overcome the many challenges of constructing tunnels deep underground.

Tunnelling timeline

We researched 50 landmark projects to trace the engineering of the world’s longest, deepest and most ambitious tunnels. Graphic displays followed a Tube map-style timeline on the floor.

Inspiring young minds

The success of the exhibition has been in shedding light on the extraordinary engineering involved, inspiring the next generation of engineers, and exploring the effects tunnels have on our lives.

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